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Decades Of Experience With Separation Agreements

Our New York City separation attorney has decades of experience practicing matrimonial law, which means you’re in the right place if you require a family law separation agreement. At Newman Law Group, the city’s finest marital separation lawyer will be of service to you, offering their adept ability to expedite and smoothen the entire separation process. We will save you significant time and stress, and lead you to a more favorable outcome than if you had tried to proceed alone and unsupported.

How Can Our Support Be Valuable?

Whether or not separating spouses agree on every detail, divorce is usually challenging for most people. You and your spouse may have even decided to collaborate as much as possible throughout a divorce. Yet still, there will be many complex and tense legal issues that you will need to work out before reaching a satisfactory separation agreement. Without the help of an experienced attorney, this process can be overwhelming. Thankfully, Newman Law Group is the separation law firm with the most highly skilled separation agreement lawyer.

The process of dividing marital and individual debts and assets may be the most considerable stake when getting divorced. Since asset and property division can prompt contentious disputes, the assistance of an objective third party is of utmost value. Naturally, higher stress levels and rising emotions often accompany these challenging disputes. Thus, it is critical to employ a competent divorce attorney who can adequately assess your property. It’s best to ensure that the division of debts and assets is equitable. An accurate asset evaluation performed by a competent attorney can protect your right to unbiased property division.

If We Agree On Everything, Do We Still Need A Lawyer?

Even if both separating spouses believe they agree on every single detail, we strongly urge that you consult a separation agreement lawyer. The divorce process can still be filled with landmines, even without the added layer of high emotions and dramatic arguments. Without expert guidance, it is easy to miss a critical element that should be included in your divorce.

Are You Considering Filing For Divorce Without Legal Help From A Separation Agreement Lawyer?

If so, be prepared to navigate a plethora of questions and details. Let’s consider some of the matters you may face.

Have you adequately addressed all aspects of life insurance in your divorce? For example, is there a plan for paying life insurance premiums? Also, have your respective retirement plans been thoroughly established? If you have agreed to share retirement accounts, it is essential to address all retirement account details on the divorce. Continuing, suppose you have joint debt. Who is going to pay for that? Or, what if your spouse files for bankruptcy in the future and the creditor comes for you. As you can see, the settlement agreement includes many terms, many of which someone unfamiliar with divorce law would never guess.

We are your best option for a separation law firm in New York, NY, that is qualified to support you through a divorce. Contact us today and schedule a consultation with Newman Law Group. Save the peace of mind.

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