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Why Should I Hire A Divorce Attorney For My Divorce In New York, NY?

While the reasons for hiring a Family Law Attorney vary immensely from family to family, the most common reason most people do so is when one or both partners are considering a divorce. Many couples believe they will have an amicable divorce, while others’ relationships and divorces are more complex. No matter your situation, hiring a Divorce Attorney is always a good idea. Here are a few reasons to consider hiring an Expert Divorce Lawyer.

  1. You will have less stress throughout the process. Hiring the Best Lawyer For Filing Divorce in New York will take the burden off all of the parties involved.
  2. Your case will have fewer delays. Because the Divorce Lawyer has vast knowledge and experience in family law matters, the process will move forward quicker and more efficiently than if the parties involved file the case without legal representation.
  3. Once finalized, the divorce will be clear and binding. The divorce decree will be clear and concise if an experienced Divorce Rights Attorney is the one to create and file it. There will not be any accidental misinterpretations of the law that could happen without a Divorce Lawyer.
  4. If you hire a Divorce Lawyer, you will be getting advice from a knowledgeable expert in divorce and family law. An expert in the field of family law can help all of the parties involved learn about all that they are entitled to according to the law.

More Information:

Even though everyone who is considering divorce will benefit from hiring an attorney, there are special circumstances when one should always hire a family law attorney. If there has been any history or suspicion of child neglect, child abuse, sexual abuse, or domestic violence, a person should not go it alone with divorce. Hiring a Divorce Mediation Lawyer should be the first plan of action in these cases. This will help you and your children remain safe throughout the divorce procedures and beyond finalizing the divorce.

A Divorce Lawyer can help you navigate the emotional divorce journey more peacefully. An experienced Divorce Lawyer will assist with finding out what you are and are not entitled to, while protecting your rights according to your family situation and needs. A family lawyer has the knowledge and resources to guide you through myriad issues, such as division of assets, property, and money, child custody issues, and guardianship. Without a professional Divorce Lawyer by your side, you might not be able to negotiate complex divorce details smoothly and peacefully.

If you are located in or near New York, NY, and you have questions about whether you need a Divorce Attorney to assist you with any divorce questions or to guide you through the divorce process, call on the experts at Newman Law Group, P.C. at (212) 486-3200 to schedule a consultation.

What Are The Grounds For Divorce In New York?

  1. Cruel and inhuman treatment
  2. Abandonment by the plaintiff by the defendant for one or more years
  3. The defendant has prison time for three or more consecutive years after marriage
  4. Adultery
  5. Separation and living apart for one or more years after a decree or judgment of separation
  6. Separation and living apart for one or more years after signing a written agreement of separation
  7. The relationship between spouses has broken down irretrievably for at least six months (no fault)

If you are located in or near New York, NY, and you have questions about grounds for divorce in the state of New York, contact one of our expert Divorce Lawyers at Newman Law Group, P.C. Call (212) 486-3200 to schedule a consultation.

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